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You Don’t Understand Me


You Don’t Understand Me

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Title: You Don’t Understand Me
Publication date: 19/07/2022
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Being a teenager or a young woman now is hard, harder than ever before. Writing directly to young women, Dr Tara Porter’s empathetic, highly expert approach can guide you through these years. For parents, this book will provide an insight into what their daughter is experiencing.

‘If God were a mother, this is the Bible she would write for teenage girls and young women. This book is the greatest gift you could give your daughter’ – Caitlin Moran

‘I would recommend this brilliantly clear and informative book to every young girl…Tara writes with deep knowledge, warmth and humour about all the challenges young girls and all of us face, and she tells us how to overcome them’ – Julia Samuel

For girls and young women these are shifting times: never before have they had so much freedom and choice; but never before have they had so many demands placed upon them – by themselves as well as others.

Writing directly to girls and young women Dr Tara Porter draws on decades of experience to offer them insight into their own psychology. From exams to friendship, from families to love, Tara pulls together everything she has learnt to provide accessible explanations and suggestions for teenagers and young women everywhere. Like a warm letter from a wise friend or big sister, You Don’t Understand Me not only understands the young person’s perspectives but guides them through their challenges they face.

You Don’t Understand Me is uniquely written to teenagers and young women. But in explaining young women to themselves, it also provides an indispensable guide to their parents: a glimpse behind the rolled eyes and the protestations their daughter makes: ‘You Don’t Understand Me’.

ISBN: 9781788705127
Dimension: 216mm X 135mm
Pages: 352

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Dimensions 216 × 135 mm