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We have a new website with a fresh look and for the next few weeks we will  continue to add thousands of titles to its listings. Be sure to contact us if the book you are after is not listed here; we will, as always, be happy to seek it out and order it for you.

Forthcoming Events

Cathy McGowan – Cathy Goes to Canberra

In conversation with Kerryn Phelps and Van Badham, Tuesday 17th November

Robert Dessaix – The Time of Our Lives

In conversation with Susan Wyndham, Thursday 5th November

Dennis Foley & Peter Read – What the Colonists Never Knew

In conversation with Heather Goodall, Thursday 29th October

Gail Jones – Our Shadows

In conversation with Bernadette Brennan, Tuesday 27th October

What We're Reading


Mayflies is a kind-of diptych of a novel with two very elegantly, equally weighted, halves.

Spring array

Richard Fidler’s The Golden Maze. The Ratline by Philippe Sands, and a wonderful debut.


October is a huge month for new fiction – but this one is bigger than ever.

Sorrow and Bliss and…

Meg Mason, Carl Hiaasen, Susanna Clarke and Jose Saramago


It’s been raining for days, and the families of holiday makers in cabins around the loch are definitely feeling cabin fever.

A little crime

Four outstanding crime novels

Kids Club with Rachel

Kids Club with Rachel

Join us every Saturday. It’s fun and it’s free.

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