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Hitler: Dictator or Puppet?


Hitler: Dictator or Puppet?

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Title: Hitler: Dictator or Puppet?
Publication date: 01/03/2020
Imprint: PEN & SWORD
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Written by an authority on Adolf Hitler, this book charts new ground and shows how the writings of a deluded ex-monk, Lanz von Liebenfels and the pseudo-science of Liebenfels and other writers convinced Hitler that Germanys destiny was to save the world from a Jewish-Bolshevik conspiracy. It was this perverted sense of destiny that drove the Nazi Party and led to the outbreak of the Second World War and the deaths of some sixty million people as well as the destruction of much of Europe. Using the writings of Liebenfels from his magazine Ostara, Dr Andrew Norman demonstrates how the mass murders of Jews, Gypsies, mentally-ill people and those regarded as less than human had its roots in articles written by Liebenfels.

An index of Ostara articles is included and their very titles indicate the malign influences that shaped Hitler’s Germany.

30 b/w illustrations

ISBN: 9781526766663
Dimension: 234mm X 156mm

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Dimensions 234 × 156 mm