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World Shadow


World Shadow

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Title: World Shadow
Publication date: 05/01/2022
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The #1 bestselling novel in Israel by Nir Baram, a controversial voice of dissent

A fast-paced novel about politics, money, power and corruption that holds a mirror up to the present day.

It’s the mid 1990s. Gabriel Mantzur wants to take advantage of all the business opportunities opening up in Israel. Moving in political and financial circles, he finds his way into the upper reaches of power-but the higher he goes, the less he understands the intrigues in which he is involved.

Cut to the present. A group of young Londoners-homeless, unemployed and disaffected-is organising a worldwide strike to protest globalisation and inequality. Sick of being screwed over, they conspire to overturn the prevailing order.

Meanwhile, an eerily familiar American political consulting firm, with interests everywhere from Bolivia to the Congo, ostensibly exists to further liberal and progressive causes-until the veil is drawn back on the true nature of its activities.

With its masterly interwoven narrative strands and its global perspective, World Shadow confirms Nir Baram as a major contemporary writer on the world stage.

ISBN: 9781911231295
Pages: 448