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Wild Cities


Wild Cities

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Title: Wild Cities
Publication date: 01/09/2020
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Picture a city. What do you see? Traffic and tower blocks? Or maybe you imagine something a little . . . wilder?

These are the astonishing stories of the animals who are adapting to live in our urban world – and how you can help them to thrive.

From the pitter patter of city penguins, to the screech of urban monkeys, the dive-bombing of a skyscraper hawk, to the splash of a nearby whale . . . discover the animals living alongside us, in our wild cities.

Join us as we travel the globe discovering animals in the most unlikely of homes. With magical illustration and beautiful storytelling, these incredible stories will fascinate every reader who has the travel bug, or is an animal fan, or has ever wondered what else exists in our big cities.

Featuring- London, Berlin, Paris, Warsaw, Calgary, New York City, Chicago, Sydney, Beijing, Tokyo, Mumbai, Singapore, Cape Town and Seoul.

ISBN: 9780241433768
Pages: 64