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Why I’m Not A Millionaire


Why I’m Not A Millionaire

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Title: Why I’m Not A Millionaire
Publication date: 08/12/2020
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‘She was bold, she was brave, she was funny, she was feisty. I owe her a great deal in leading the way’ Sandi Toksvig

‘Some people thought her merely bohemian, but others were grateful to have so engaging a role-model’ INDEPENDENT

The superb classic memoir from a dazzlingly eccentric and endlessly fascinating author – a woman very much ahead of her time.

Nancy Spain was one of the most celebrated – and notorious – writers and broadcasters of the 40s, 50s and 60s. Hilarious, controversial and brilliant, she lived openly as a lesbian (sharing a household with her two lovers and their various children) and was frequently litigated against for her newspaper columns – Evelyn Waugh successfully sued her for libel… twice. She was also a fantastic crime novelist (and according to the Guardian, one of the 50 best female crime thriller writers of all time) writing with a unique style that marries the acid wit of Dorothy Parker with the intricacy of plotting worthy of Agatha Christie.

WHY I AM NOT A MILLIONAIRE, has the same wit, style and fascinating detail – first published in 1956, with an introductory note from Noel Coward.

After her death in a plane crash in 1964, Noel Coward commented: ‘It is cruel that all that gaiety, intelligence and vitality should be snuffed out, when so many bores and horrors are left living.’

ISBN: 9781474618458
Dimension: 198mm X 129mm
Pages: 400

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Dimensions 198 × 129 mm