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Wednesday is for Witch


Wednesday is for Witch

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Title: Wednesday is for Witch
Publication date: 12/12/2023
Imprint: WREN & ROOK
Price: $23.00
Publishing status: Active

Wednesday is for Witch . . .

. . . and so is every other day of the year.

Awaken your supernatural powers and manifest your dreams into reality with a daily dose of good witch energy.

Feel empowered by this book of magical positivity, which offers fun rituals and simple spells for everyday self-care, from a mindfulness charm to help you stay grounded on big days to positive mantras for times when you need a good-mood boost. Whether you want to perform a cleanse for a fresh start, be at one with the nature around you, meditate with the healing power of crystals or simply add a dash of cinnamon to your breakfast for extra zing, this book of spells and spice for everyday good vibes will help you tap into your inner magic whenever you need it.

ISBN: 9781526366337
Weight: 300gr
Pages: 192

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