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Viking Great Army and the Making of England


Viking Great Army and the Making of England

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Title: Viking Great Army and the Making of England
Publication date: 22/04/2021
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Who were the Viking Great Army and what was their lasting impact on Britain? This is the definitive account of the notorious Viking Great Army that swept through Britain between AD 865 and 880, fundamentally reshaping its political, economic and social landscape and ultimately helping to ‘make a nation’.

Viking raids previously had been coastal hit-and-run affairs, but this period saw a change in tactics. While raids on the British Isles had begun in the 790s as a quest for wealth in the form of silver and slaves, by the 860s and 870s the aims of Viking armies had shifted to land seizure and political conquest. This critical period for British history led to revolutionary changes in land ownership, society and industry.

ISBN: 9780500022016
Dimension: 234mm X 153mm
Pages: 320

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Dimensions 234 × 153 mm