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Varying Degrees of Success: A Memoir 1992 – 2020


Varying Degrees of Success: A Memoir 1992 – 2020

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Title: Varying Degrees of Success: A Memoir 1992 – 2020
Publication date: 16/06/2021
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In a career spanning six decades, David Lodge has been one of Britain’s best-loved and
most versatile writers. With Varying Degrees of Success he completes a trilogy of memoirs
which describe his life from birth in 1935 to the present day, and together form a
remarkable autobiography. His aim is to describe honestly and in some detail the highs
and lows of being a professional creative writer in several different genres: prose fiction,
literary criticism, plays for live theatre and screenplays for film and television. Few writers
have excelled in so many different forms of the written word. Lodge’s creativity, and his
wonderful sense of humour, have made his work popular in translation in numerous
countries, and his extensive travels around the world are recorded here. Each of the three
memoirs has its own thematic focus. In this latest one it is on the hope and desire of writers
to make a significant and positive impression on their readers and audiences. The elation
of success, and the depression that follows disappointment, are familiar emotions to most
writers in varying degrees. David Lodge describes these feelings with rare candour.
Varying Degrees of Success provides the reader with a privileged insight into the working
practices and the creative life of a major British novelist.

ISBN: 9781787303010
Pages: 400