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Unruly: A History of England’s Kings and Queens


Unruly: A History of England’s Kings and Queens

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Title: Unruly: A History of England’s Kings and Queens
Publication date: 28/09/2023
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A seriously FUNNY, seriously CLEVER history of our early kings and queens by one of our favourite comedians and cultural commentators

This will be the most refreshing, entertaining history of England you’ll have ever read.

Certainly, the funniest.

Because David Mitchell will explain how it is not all names, dates or ungraspable historical headwinds, but instead show how it’s really just a bunch of random stuff that happened with a few lucky bastards ending up on top. Some of these bastards were quite strange, but they were in charge, so we quite literally lived, and often still live, by their rules.

It’s a great story. And it’s our story. If you want to know who we are in modern Britain, you need to read this book.

ISBN: 9781405953184
Weight: 600g
Dimension: 232mm X 152mm
Pages: 448
Edition: 01

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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 232 × 152 mm