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Greetings from Trumpland: How Donald Trump Changed the world


Greetings from Trumpland: How Donald Trump Changed the world

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Title: Greetings from Trumpland: How Donald Trump Changed the world
Publication date: 03/02/2021
Imprint: ABC BOOKS
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Zoe Daniel’s new book is a timely reflection on how the Trump presidency has changed the world.

Donald Trump, the mercurial US President, has had the world on a string since he declared he would run for office. He’s presided over arguably the most volatile White House in history, with a revolving door for senior staff and advisors, and haphazard decision-making that’s turned years of entrenched US policy on its head. Zoe Daniel, along with producer Roscoe Whalan, were in the thick of history in the making, following the 2016 campaign through the states that turned the election, and talking to the ‘forgotten people’ who threw caution to the wind and elected Donald Trump. What was it that drove their decision-making, what did they want to achieve and are they still loyal to Trump four years later?

Via travels through America and beyond, and interviews with real people and leaders over five years, this book explores the changed boundaries and expectations in a world of unprecedented political partisanship and populism.

Is Donald Trump a cause or an effect in a world of narcissism, reality TV, information manipulation and overt greed?

We enter the 2020s in a state of global crisis on several fronts. From shaking up global institutions, to Trump-led foreign policy, to language and actions around race and gender, to the use of inflammatory rhetoric and the mobilisation of division, to the invention of ‘fake news’, this book explores how Donald Trump has changed the world.

ISBN: 9780733341519