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Shah of Shahs


Shah of Shahs

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Title: Shah of Shahs
Publication date: 17/07/2006
Imprint: PENGUIN
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Shah of Shahs depicts the final years of the Shah in Iran, and is a compelling meditation on the nature of revolution and the devastating results of fear. Here, Kapuscinski describes the tyrannical monarch, who, despite his cruel oppression of the Iranian people, sees himself as the father of a nation, who can turn a backward country into a great power – a vain hope that proves a complete failure. Yet even as Iran becomes a ‘behemoth of riches’ and as the Shah lives like a European billionaire, its people live in a climate of fear, terrorized by the secret police. Told with intense power and feeling, Kapuscinski portrays the inevitable build-up to revolution – a cataclysmic upheaval that delivered Iran into the rule of the Ayatollah Khomeini.

ISBN: 9780141188041