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Runaway Technology: Can Law Keep Up?


Runaway Technology: Can Law Keep Up?

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Title: Runaway Technology: Can Law Keep Up?
Publication date: 25/02/2021
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In an era of corporate surveillance, artificial intelligence, deep fakes, genetic modification, automation, and more, law often seems to take a back seat to rampant technological change. To listen to Silicon Valley barons, there’s nothing any of us can do about it. In this riveting work, Joshua A. T. Fairfield calls their bluff. He provides a fresh look at law, at what it actually is, how it works, and how we can create the kind of laws that help humans thrive in the face of technological change. He shows that law can keep up with technology because law is a kind of technology – a social technology built by humans out of cooperative fictions like firms, nations, and money. However, to secure the benefits of changing technology for all of us, we need a new kind of law, one that reflects our evolving understanding of how humans use language to cooperate.

ISBN: 9781108444576
Weight: 460g
Dimension: 227mm X 151mm
Pages: 306

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Weight 460 g
Dimensions 227 × 151 mm