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One Day I’ll Tell You Everything


One Day I’ll Tell You Everything

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Title: One Day I’ll Tell You Everything
Publication date: 02/06/2020
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Publishing status: Active

Ad le and her younger brother Axel grew up in a hamlet in the spectacular mountains of the Ard che region in south-east France. Ten years later, they have returned to their childhood home and Ad le now drives the school bus. Ad le is desperate to keep the secret of her past-of when she was a boy. No one recognises her here now, but teenagers have a way of getting to the truth…When a terrifying snowstorm strands the bus on the mountain, Ad le and her passengers take shelter in a cave, and that’s when the stories come out.

Adele’s body has undergone seismic transformations. Just like the landscape around her, the cliff faces scaffolded to stop rockfalls, she has been reshaped, inside and out-to become a woman.

A powerful and beautifully written story of a boy who wanted to be a girl, who became a woman, who lives intensely through her new body and through the physical world around her, of nature and the weather-all of which shape Ad le.

ISBN: 9781922268914
Pages: 256