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Once Were Brothers


Once Were Brothers

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Title: Once Were Brothers
Publication date: 30/11/2021
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Mathis doesn’t believe in coincidence, which can only mean he’s been under tight surveillance. He knows why. Since his teenage days he’s realised he’s a potential target for those wishing to exploit his unique talents for venal or national security reasons.

It’s why he’s been so obsessed with secrecy. He’d hoped working in a dull job like accountancy would provide a further blanket of security. And for 30 years it had.

The masked men arrived in the early hours of a Paris morning, smashing in the apartment door and waking loner Mathias Naphtali and his pied French bulldog Blithe-Lee. Cuffed, kidnapped and taken to an underground location, the brilliant Naphtali is presented with a challenge by the mysterious Le Capitaine, a challenge that has eluded the best minds for decades. How to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Set in France, Israel and Jordan, this intelligent, deeply researched story of courage, brinkmanship and compassion weaves historical fact into a compelling thriller, with not a shot fired.

ISBN: 9781743058848
Dimension: 210mm X 140mm
Pages: 270

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Dimensions 210 × 140 mm