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Nothing Alike


Nothing Alike

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Title: Nothing Alike
Illustrator: CHEONG PETER
Publication date: 16/08/2023
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Publishing status: Active

Inspired by #sorrywrongasian, Nothing Alike is a slyly funny story about a white boy who can’t tell two Asian girls apart in his classroom. Or can he?

Reuben and his best friend think it’s impossible to tell Esme and Eunwoo apart! They both have the same dark hair, are both short, and they even wear the same school uniform. Except that once Reuben starts to think about it, of course he knows who is who. But the girls have a surprise in store for him. He and his best friend look more like than they realise!

In this masterful picture book about race and perception, Nothing Alike shines a light on the tricky topic of micro-aggressions and stereotyping, with the wry humour, child-centredness and friendship dynamics of Who’s Your Real Mum?. Can Reuben learn to really see the girls as individuals and thereby be a better friend?

Nothing Alike is based on a true story, and a common experience among Asians. Author Zewlan Moor was continually mistaken for another Asian writer colleague, despite them looking nothing alike. In a curious twist of fate, Zewlan’s son came home from his new school and could not tell his two Asian classmates apart. And so her idea of this picture book about race, perception and stereotyping was born.

ISBN: 9781761212239
Dimension: 244mm X 244mm
Pages: 24

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Dimensions 244 × 244 mm