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Negotiate Your Worth


Negotiate Your Worth

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Title: Negotiate Your Worth
Publication date: 01/03/2022
Imprint: KMD BOOKS
Price: $28.95
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Negotiate Your Worth is the antidote to the belief that you can’t become a good negotiator – YOU CAN! As a business owner, negotiating your worth with confidence is a vital part of your job. But when you hear this dreaded statement from across the table, \”Oh, that’s more than I thought it would cost,\” you often find yourself thinking, \”I just wish I knew what to say next to close the deal without underselling my worth.\” It doesn’t have to be that way. This book will teach you how to respond to that statement and negotiate great outcomes for your business, every time. Instead of resigning yourself to the falsehood that, \”I’m not a good negotiator and it will always be stressful,\” we’ll shine a light on the times when you’re already negotiating well, foster that, and build on it. There are eight characteristics that combine to make a for a Powerful Negotiator. To make the experience fun and memorable, in this book each of these characteristics is represented by a native Aussie animal, because like humans, the true powers of these incredible creatures are sometimes underestimated. They are viewed as cute and cuddly, but if you take a deeper look at the skills that help them survive in the challenging Aussie environment, you’ll discover how remarkably powerful they are. For example, the emu is boldly curious, while the bilby personifies resilience and agility to survive in an ever-evolving environment. Powerful negotiators possess these skills too. The Negotiator Strengths Self-Assessment will help you identify which of the eight negotiator powers you currently have strength in. This approach will help you fast-track your experience through the book, so you can jump to the individual animals you need to learn from (and jump over the ones you currently embody). You’ll also get tools, templates, and practical exercises – all bundled into YOUR Business Negotiator Toolkit – to help you realise your true potential to negotiate great deals and ensure you’re not winging it at the deals table. Negotiating your worth hinges on you knowing your worth, so throughout this practical guide, you’ll be guided on ways to unlock your ability to become a powerful negotiator of your worth. Like our unique Aussie animals, when you identify the ways to perform at your most powerful, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. AUTHOR: Sam Trattles is the Founder and Lead Strategist at Other Side of the Table, where she empowers founders, CMOs, and deals negotiators – helping them redefine their mindset towards negotiating and unlock their true potential.

ISBN: 9780645222609
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