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Mystery Writer, The


Mystery Writer, The

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Title: Mystery Writer, The
Publication date: 06/03/2024
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"A mischievous twist on mystery novels and the people who write them." Benjamin Stevenson, author of Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone

"Some mysteries need a crime writer to solve. Clever, twisty, and surprisingly unexpected." 
Michael Robotham, author of Lying Beside You and The Secrets She Keeps

She needs to write the ending … before she meets hers.

Theo has one dream—to become a bestselling author. Determined to make her mark in the literary world, she heads to the US on a whim to stay with her brother Gus and focus on her writing. But her plans take an unexpected turn when she befriends a famous author, Dan Murdoch, at a local bar—and then he turns up dead. Suddenly, Theo finds herself as the prime suspect.

As Theo grapples with the shocking turn of events, she realizes that Dan may not have been the person he seemed to be, and there is something sinister going on in the world of publishing. Desperate to clear her name and uncover the truth, Theo sets out on a quest to find out who killed Dan and why.

As she digs deeper, Theo uncovers a web of deceit, conspiracy, and hidden motives, with clues leading her to a shadowy online platform called The Shield. With her own life in danger, Theo must unravel the mystery before she becomes the next victim.

ISBN: 9781761152238
Dimension: 234mm X 153mm
Pages: 384
Edition: 01

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Dimensions 234 × 153 mm