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Magnum Dogs


Magnum Dogs

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Title: Magnum Dogs
Author: MAGNUM
Publication date: 25/03/2021
Price: $35.00
Publishing status: Active

Magnum Dogs is the ultimate collection of canine photography for the discerning dog lover, bringing together a brilliantly diverse and cheering selection that showcases the visual wit and skill of the Magnum team. It features some 180 photographs of dogs from across the world, organized into five thematic chapters – Streetwise, Best in Show, At the Beach, Behind the Scenes and It’s a Dog’s Life. Canine encounters include immaculately coiffured showdogs captured in wryly observed photography from the likes of Martin Parr and Harry Gruyaert, or intimate glimpses of Hollywood stars alongside their trusted, four-legged confidants, as seen through the lenses of Eve Arnold and Dennis Stock. Whether depicting strays roaming the streets of Colombia or pampered pooches lounging in Parisian apartments, these photos brim with affection, humour and insight into the human as well as canine condition.

Packaged in an irresistible gift format, this is the perfect book not just for fans of the very best photography of dogs, but for anyone, around the world, who is a ‘dog person’ at heart.

ISBN: 9780500545478
Dimension: 172mm X 195mm
Pages: 208

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Dimensions 172 × 195 mm