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Title: Leap!
Illustrator: BISALLON, JOSEE
Publication date: 01/11/2017
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A lyrical leap from one animal to the next, from the field to the pond and back again! \”A flea asleep / in the deep green moss / nettled by midges / wakes up cross, / starts to fidget / and turn and toss.\” Then his \”lever-legs twitch\” and he LEAPS into the path of a grasshopper. Which so startles the grasshopper that, she, in turn, LEAPS onto a bunny. And so it goes, dog, fish, bullfrog, horse and dog again, each leaping and upsetting the next. Until the dog finds herself in that same deep green moss. The flea sees his chance and leaps onto the dog. And, at last, they both fall asleep! Award-winning JonArno Lawson's delightful circular story poem is a playful romp, much like a game of tag. With its rollicking rhythm and a rich array of action words --- besides leaping, the animals lunge, plunge, bound, gambol and lurch, for example --- this book will inspire and encourage children to move, making this an excellent introduction to the power of language. Award-winning Josee Bisaillon's beautiful mixed-media collage art provides visual motion and energy in tune with the rhyming narrative. This is a perfect book for a dynamic read-aloud sure to invite active listening. It's also just the right combination of engaging story and art that will encourage pre-readers to repeat the fun and silly story all on their own. Small children are fascinated by leaping creatures, making this an enjoyable exploration of animal behaviors and habitats from pond to field, with seven different leaping animals in all. AGES: 3 to 7 AUTHOR: JonArno Lawson is the author of many books for children and adults, including Think Again and the internationally celebrated Sidewalk Flowers. JonArno lives in Toronto, Ontario. SELLING POINTS: • Playfulness and rollicking rhythm inspire movement — showcasing the power of language • Visual energy of the beautiful mixed-media collage art matches the rhyming narrative • Invites active listening — perfect for a dynamic read-aloud

ISBN: 9781771386784