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Land of Maybe, The: A Faroe Islands Year


Land of Maybe, The: A Faroe Islands Year

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Title: Land of Maybe, The: A Faroe Islands Year
Publication date: 14/09/2021
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‘In this excellent book, Ecott’s evocative telling makes me want to go to this weird and wonderful place.’ – PAUL THEROUX

Following the natural cycle of the year, The Land of Maybe captures the essence of ‘slow life’ on the 18 remote, mysterious islands which make up the Faroes in the North Atlantic. Closer to the UK than Denmark, this fast disappearing world is home to a close-knit society where just 50,000 people share Viking roots and a language that is unlike any other in Scandinavia.

We follow the arrival of the migratory birds, the over-wintering of the sheep and the way food is gathered and eaten in tune with the seasons. Buffeted by the weather and the demands of a volatile natural environment, people still hunt seabirds and herd pilot whales for a significant portion of their basic food needs.

This is not a travelogue, but a deeper exploration of how ‘to be’ in a tough landscape; a study of a people and a way of life that represents continuity and a deep connection to the past. The Land of Maybe offers not just a refuge from the freneticism of modern life, but lessons about where we come from and how we may find a balance in our lives.

ISBN: 9781780725185
Dimension: 198mm X 129mm
Pages: 288

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Dimensions 198 × 129 mm