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Khai’s Wish: 1 The Story of Khai


Khai’s Wish: 1 The Story of Khai

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Title: Khai’s Wish: 1 The Story of Khai
Illustrator: ANDRE JOSH (ILL)
Publication date: 01/08/2012
Price: $14.95
Publishing status: Active

Khai’s Wish introduces Khai the central character in the children’s picture book series ‘Story of Khai’.
Khai is a young boy who lives in the city with his mother but due to circumstances (that are not yet revealed) goes to live in the care of his grandparents on their farm.
The story follows the emotions of loneliness that overcome Khai as he tries to adapt to his new home. The book is written by early childhood teacher Licia Parisi and is the first published work by illustrator Josh Andre.

Khai’s Wish by mother and son duo, Licia Parisi and Josh Andre will leave children with a sense of inquisitiveness and sharing. Large print words encourage children to follow the story visually while (Josh) Andre’s use of watercolour and pencil provides fluidity and charm. Children are asked many questions, and given few answers so as to incite the imagination and creativity. Khai’s discovery of the delightful speckled egg inspires children to enquire; what is in his mysterious egg and what would be in mine’ Children will be eagerly awaiting the next book to find out.

Series: The Story of Khai
ISBN: 9780987120700