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Indian Rebellion, 1857-1859, The: A short history with documents


Indian Rebellion, 1857-1859, The: A short history with documents

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Title: Indian Rebellion, 1857-1859, The: A short history with documents
Publication date: 23/11/2020
Imprint: Hackett
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'Frey's concise and readable history of the Indian Rebellion is an excellent introduction to one of the most important wars of the nineteenth century. The rebellion lasted more than a year and pitted broad sections of north Indian society against the British East India Company. British victory consolidated colonial rule that would only be dislodged by twentieth-century nationalist movements. Frey provides a crystal-clear account of the causes, principal events, and consequences of the rebellion. Equally importantly, he deftly discusses why the rebellion remains controversial. Well-chosen documents add texture to the analysis. This is the best short history of the rebellion in print.' — Ian Barrow, Middlebury College

'Frey skillfully condenses and explains the complexities of the Indian sepoy mutiny of 1857 and the campaign to suppress it. This is a heroic achievement. The context provided is extremely helpful and the concluding analysis provides a bold attempt at synthesis. The documents are well selected, being quite different from previous collections. This book is highly detailed and informative, well written, and engaging to read. For undergraduates, postgraduates, and researchers it will be a boon having so much information within a single volume. It will be especially useful in courses addressing South Asian, British, World, or Imperial history.' — Crispin Bates, University of Edinburgh

ISBN: 9781624669033
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