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I Can’t Believe It!


I Can’t Believe It!

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Title: I Can’t Believe It!
Author: DK
Publication date: 18/08/2020
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Publishing status: Active

Dive into a world of fascinating facts and cool comparisons about our world, from the very bottom of the ocean – which is as deep as 29 Empire State buildings – to the planets of the solar system, and everything in between!

Do you know which flower is taller than a human? Or how many Earths could fit inside Jupiter? Or if it is true that we only use 10% of our brains? Whatever the topic, this fact-tastic compendium will uncover the story behind the weirdest wonders of our world – from intriguing animals and astounding nature, to the mysteries of science, history, geography, the human body, and more!

Packed full of amazing real-life photographs, extraordinary illustrated comparisons, and myth-busting true-or-false questions, this book tells you all the things you really want to know about our incredible world. A compilation of favourite stories from the four best-selling DK titles It Can’t be True!, True or False?, Strange but True, and It Can’t Be True! 2, I Can’t Believe It! is the ultimate companion for any fact-hungry child. It will astound and amaze you, over and over again!

ISBN: 9780241440582
Pages: 352