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How to be a Liberal


How to be a Liberal

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Title: How to be a Liberal
Author: DUNT IAN
Publication date: 17/09/2020
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Nationalism has marched across the world. Wherever it goes, it seeks to destroy the liberal values that underpin Western civilisation.

In this epic new book, political journalist Ian Dunt tells the forgotten story of the advance of liberalism and the events which led to its current retreat. His sweeping narrative takes in the Levellers, the American and French Revolutions, John Stuart Mill, the great economic clashes between John Maynard Keynes and Friedrich Hayek, and the works of George Orwell. He then traces how the financial crash, identity politics and post-truth have wreaked havoc on liberal values in some of the world’s biggest countries.

Weaving together history, philosophy and polemic, How To Be A Liberal stretches from the dawn of the age of science to the latest developments in politics and everyday life. This wide-ranging and powerful account will answer all the questions you have about what’s happening to our society and how we create a better world.

ISBN: 9781912454419