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History of the Arab Peoples, A


History of the Arab Peoples, A

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Title: History of the Arab Peoples, A
Publication date: 01/12/2012
Imprint: FABER & FABER
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This bestselling history of the Arab-speaking parts of the Islamic world by British-Lebanese historian Albert Hourani first appeared in 1991. A lot has happened since. In a new preface, journalist and Islamic scholar Malise Ruthven offers a potted biography of Hourani, while his afterword is a skilful summation of events in the past two decades (including a section on the Islamist challenge in Algeria). While Hourani did not predict the Arab spring, says Ruthven, he understood the precariousness of the region’s regimes. The absence of civil society suggests that Arab democracy is some way off, Ruthven concludes, perhaps its greatest
Facebook-using young activists who gathered in Tahrir Square calling for change.

ISBN: 9780571288014
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Pages: 640

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