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God Forgets About the Poor


God Forgets About the Poor

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Title: God Forgets About the Poor
Publication date: 02/08/2023
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God Forgets About the Poor is a reminder that everyone has a story worth telling and hearing, but not everyone gets the chance to share it. This is one told well. – Books + Publishing

I will tell you why you should draft my story. Because migrant stories are broken. Some parts in a village where we washed our clothing with soot. Some parts in big cities working in factories. How we starved for food in Greece and starved for Greece in Australia.

You don t know the first thing about me. A son can never see his mother as a woman. You will only see me in relation to you. I have had a thousand lives before you were even a thought. Hospitalised as a child for an entire year. Living as an adult without family in Athens when the colonels took control.

Start when I was born. Describe the village and how beautiful it was. On the side of a mountain but in the middle of a forest. If we walked to a certain point on the edge, we could look over the valley and see rain clouds coming. Sometimes we would see a cat on a roof, we read that as a warning of a storm. When we looked down, we saw the dirt, which was just as rich as the sky. My island, your island, our island.

Sometimes I think God forgot about us because we were poor.

A stunning new novel from the author of Down the Hume and The Pillars, God Forgets About the Poor is a love story to a migrant mother, whose story is as important as any ever told.


Down the Hume should rightly take its place alongside the fiction of Christos Tsiolkas [and] Maxine Beneba Clarke… as work that reflects the reality and occasional ugliness of Australia’s multiculturalism. – Australian Book Review

tough and compelling – Christos Tsiolkas

essential reading in these times of \”border protection\” – The Saturday Paper

Down The Hume‘s propulsive rhythm feels like entering a strong current. Its fast pace and escalating plot are typical of the noir genre, but it is also filled with unexpected and precise turns of phrase, which can shift quickly from the menial to the lyrical. – The Guardian


The satire in Peter Polites’ The Pillars is sharp and jagged, full of acutely observed moments on the streets and in the loungerooms of Sydney. – ABC Radio National, The Bookshelf

ISBN: 9781761151644
Dimension: 234mm X 153mm
Pages: 272
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