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Genesis: The story of how everything began


Genesis: The story of how everything began

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Title: Genesis: The story of how everything began
Publication date: 04/05/2021
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What if the ancient Greeks were right, and the universe really did spring into being out of chaos and the void? How could we know? And what must its first moments have been like?

To answer these questions, scientists are delving into all the hidden crevices of creation. Armed with giant telescopes and powerful particle accelerators, they probe the subtle mechanisms by which our familiar world came to be, and try to foretell the manner in which it will end.

The result of all this collective effort is a complex tale, stranger at times than even our most ancient creation myths. Yet its building blocks give us the power to work marvels our predecessors could scarcely comprehend. In Genesis, the CERN physicist and bestselling author Guido Tonelli does poetic justice to that great story, the accomplishment of countless minds working together across the ages.

ISBN: 9781788165105
Dimension: 216mm X 135mm
Pages: 240

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Dimensions 216 × 135 mm