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From a Mountain In Tibet: A monk’s journey


From a Mountain In Tibet: A monk’s journey

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Title: From a Mountain In Tibet: A monk’s journey
Publication date: 17/11/2020
Imprint: PENGUIN
Price: $35.00
Publishing status: Active

Amidst political turmoil, a teenage boy leaves pastoral life in Tibet and becomes a refugee in India. One of only 13 survivors out of 300 to have fled, he settles in America, where he lives through the tumult and excesses of the Swinging Sixties and parties with the Woodstock generation.

By the early ’70s, worn out by depravity, he has turned his life around and created the Kagyu Samye Ling monastery in Scotland, where he remains a senior figure today. In this book, he invites us to join him on a fascinating journey through how embracing the fundamentals of Buddhism empowered him to find meaning and change his life for the better.

Sharing his own experiences with addiction, rebellion, isolation, loss and finally acceptance, Lama Yeshe reveals accessible yet profound teachings that speak to all of us. Written with wisdom and at times humour, this book shows us how even the most desperate of situations can help us to uncover vital life lessons and attain lasting peace and contentment.

ISBN: 9780241439272
Pages: 288