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Title: Exploited
Publication date: 14/04/2020
Imprint: SEVEN DIALS (Cassell)
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Fourteen-year-old Hannah comes to live with foster carer Maggie Hartley after her mum pleads with Social Services to take her into care, unable to cope with her daughter anymore. Previously a good student, a loving daughter and sister, Hannah is now playing truant, drinking, and taking drugs. Angry and mistrustful, it seems that nobody can reach this troubled teenager.

Maggie is used to difficult teenagers, but Hannah’s behaviour brings into question everything Maggie has ever learnt in all her years as a foster carer. Determined to push away everyone around her away, Hannah’s life seems to be spiralling out of control. But when Hannah finally breaks down and confides a shocking secret to Maggie, the truth behind her chaotic behaviour is finally revealed.

Can Maggie help this vulnerable young girl overcome the trauma of what’s happened to her and set her free from the demons that haunt her?

ISBN: 9781409197461
Weight: 300gr
Pages: 304

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