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Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors


Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors

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Title: Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors
Publication date: 01/02/2022
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Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors is an empowering guide to living more sustainably with practical advice for fighting climate change. The worlds climate is changing, and its affecting the planet. The destruction of natural habitats and the rise in pollution are just some of the issues faced today. If you are someone who cares for nature and is worried about the environment, you might be wondering what you can do to help. Filled with useful information, inspiring articles, and sustainable ideas and projects, this Eco handbook gives you a wide range of ways to make a positive contribution to your community and the wider world. Find out how to make a difference, learn valuable skills, meet like-minded people, and gain experiences to remember. Are you ready to be part of the action rather than watching from the sidelines? You have what it takes to be an eco-warrior! Being an eco-warrior can mean many things: that you care about the environment, love the creatures who share Earth with us, or appreciate nature’s gifts. Maybe you want future generations to enjoy our planet’s beauty and resources. Whatever your interpretation, this guide will help you live a green lifestyle, make environmentally responsible choices, and encourage others to join in too. Short essays offer advice on how to practice and advocate for sustainable living, with simple tips for enacting small changes that can make a big difference. Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint or switch to a plant-based diet, engage your community by throwing a swap party to save unwanted items from ending up in landfill, and maintain hope by developing strategies to soothe eco-anxiety. If you’re looking to take action and spark change, this book gives you the tools to make a difference.

ISBN: 9781781454114
Dimension: 191mm X 140mm

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Dimensions 191 × 140 mm