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Dreams They Forgot


Dreams They Forgot

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Title: Dreams They Forgot
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Two sisters await the tidal wave predicted for 1970s
Adelaide after Premier Don Dunstan decriminalises
homosexuality. An interstate family drive is complicated
by the father’s memory of sighting UFOs. Two women drive
from Melbourne to Sydney to see the Harbour Bridge
before it’s finished. An isolated family tries to weather
climate change as the Doomsday Clock ticks.
Emma Ashmere’s stories explore illusion, deception
and acts of quiet rebellion. Diverse characters travel high
and low roads through time and place – from a grand 1860s
Adelaide music hall to a dilapidated London squat,
from a modern Melbourne hospital to the 1950s Maralinga
test site, to the 1990s diamond mines of Borneo.
Undercut with longing and unbelonging, absurdity
and tragedy, thwarted plans and fortuitous serendipity,
each story offers glimpses into the dreams, limitations,
gains and losses of fragmented families, loners and lovers,
survivors and misfits, as they piece together a place
for themselves in the imperfect mosaic of the natural
and unnatural world.

ISBN: 9781743057063