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Coconut Children, The


Coconut Children, The

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Title: Coconut Children, The
Publication date: 03/03/2020
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Sonny and Vince have always known each other. It took two years of juvie, a crazy mother (her), a violent father (him) and a porn stash for them to meet again.
Sonny is in her last year of school and with protective parents she is forced to watch the world from her bedroom window. She has a habit of falling hopelessly in love with just about anyone. Vince is handsome, brash, a leader in the gangs, who became a legend after he was taken away by juvenile justice two years ago. Now, Vince is back. One problem- they have not been friends since they were children. Growing up in the vertigo of 1990’s Cabramatta, of households which harbour histories and parents who are difficult to love, they stumble upon each other once more.
While sharing the ugly and scary details of Western Sydney in this time, Vivian Pham also illuminates the beauty, hope, possibility, kindness and love that can spring from small gestures and strong friendships.

ISBN: 9780143793830
Pages: 352