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Civilization: The West & The Rest


Civilization: The West & The Rest

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Title: Civilization: The West & The Rest
Publication date: 18/06/2018
Imprint: PENGUIN
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In 1412, Europe was a miserable backwater ravaged by plague, bad sanitation and incessant war, while the Orient was home to dazzling civilizations. Yet, somehow, the West came to dominate the Rest for most of the next half millennium.

In this vital, brilliant book, Niall Ferguson reveals the six ‘killer applications’ that the Rest lacked- competition, science, property rights, medicine, consumerism and the work ethic. And he asks- do we still have these winning tools? Or is this the end of Western ascendancy?

Winner of the Estoril Global Issues Distinguished Book Prize 2013

ISBN: 9780141987934
Pages: 432