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Buddha Bowls: For Vegans, Vegetarians & Pescatarians


Buddha Bowls: For Vegans, Vegetarians & Pescatarians

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Title: Buddha Bowls: For Vegans, Vegetarians & Pescatarians
Publication date: 28/09/2021
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he perfect way to eat: a colourful bowl, packed with wonderful healthy ingredients. Buddha Bowls are now a must on the menus of many on-trend bars and restaurants: they are not only satisfying, they are also really nourishing. The concept comes from Asia and all recipes have a simple basic theme in common: a wide variety of ingredients and flavours come together in a bowl to create a harmonious overall meal. The balanced combination of carbohydrates, fat and protein provides the body with everything it needs for well-being.

In Buddha Bowls, bestselling author Tanja Dusy provides 50 meat-free recipes for breakfast bowls, quick and easy bowls and sophisticated supper bowls, and also gives readers numerous basic recipes so that you can combine your own bowl creations in no time at all. Each bowl in this book is put together as an ideal mix. Whatever you like is allowed, and anyone who wants can simply replace individual components. In this way, everyone gets full, happy and completely satisfied in their own personal way. It s so easy to mix and match parts of the meals to make your own combos for healthy comfort food that tastes great and is simple to prepare.

ISBN: 9781911667056
Dimension: 240mm X 170mm

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Dimensions 240 × 170 mm