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Baking with Fortitude


Baking with Fortitude

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Title: Baking with Fortitude
Publication date: 28/09/2021
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The 90 recipes in this book are all about beautiful, natural flavours from quality ingredients like fruits and spices.

Dee Rettali is an artisan baker who, over a lifetime of baking, has honed her recipes to bring out intense flavour using forgotten craftsmanship. Dee’s cakes, created for her bakery – Fortitude Bakehouse in London – are a world away from generic cakes loaded with sugar or artificial flavours.

Her most groundbreaking technique is to use a sourdough-like starter in her baking, another flavour-building process she has developed is to ferment the batter itself before baking. Both these exciting and simple approaches bring a unique depth of flavour to Dee’s recipes, as do other slow-paced artisanal methods like steeping fruit and making herb infusions.

This is a cutting-edge way of baking and at the same time it has antecedents in Dee’s past. She grew up in rural Ireland where seasonal and no-waste baking was simply a way of life. This book brings this back to life in a thoroughly modern way.

ISBN: 9781526626967
Dimension: 10in X 7in
Pages: 192