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Australian Foreign Affairs 13: India Rising? – Asia’s Huge Question


Australian Foreign Affairs 13: India Rising? – Asia’s Huge Question

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Title: Australian Foreign Affairs 13: India Rising? – Asia’s Huge Question
Publication date: 11/10/2021
Imprint: BLACK INC
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Could India, an emerging giant and growing geopolitical player, change the balance of power in the Indo-Pacific?

The latest issue of Australian Foreign Affairs examines the future of India, a rising giant whose unsteady growth and unpredictable political turns raise lingering questions about its role and power in Asia.

India Rising? explores the challenge for Australia as it seeks to improve its faltering ties with the world’s largest democracy, a nation whose ascent – if achieved – could balance China and reshape the regional order.

Hindustani Times journalist Snigdha Poonam examines rising anti-China sentiment in Narendra Modi’s India
Monocle journalist and former foreign correspondent Aarti Betigeri considers the Indian-Australian community and key cultural, political and economic links to India
Lecturer of strategic studies at Deakin Universtity Elizabeth Buchanan considers Australia’s options as China expands its Antarctic operations
University of Sydney history professor James Curran probes into the Australia-Indonesia security relationship under Paul Keating
Award-winning journalist Richard Cooke demystifies key foreign policy jargon
PLUS Correspondence on AFA12- Feeling the Heat

Australian Foreign Affairs is published three times a year and seeks to explore – and encourage – debate on Australia’s place in the world and global outlook.

ISBN: 9781760642129
Pages: 144