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Among the Mosques: A journey across Muslim Britain


Among the Mosques: A journey across Muslim Britain

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Title: Among the Mosques: A journey across Muslim Britain
Publication date: 31/08/2021
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‘Considered and nuanced … A must-read’ The Rt Hon. Sajid Javid MP
‘Compelling and moving’ Tom Holland, author of Dominion

Islam is the fastest-growing faith community in Britain. Domes and minarets are redefining the skylines of towns and cities as mosques become an increasingly prominent feature. Yet while Britain has prided itself on being a global home of cosmopolitanism and modern civilisation, its deep-rooted relationship with Islam – unique in history – is complex, threatened by rising hostility and hatred, intolerance and ignorance.

There is much media debate about embracing diversity in our communities, but what does integration look like on the ground, in places like Dewsbury, Glasgow, Belfast and London? How are Muslims, young and old, reconciling progressive values – of gender equality, individualism, the rule of law and free speech – with literalist interpretations of their faith? And how is this tension, away from the public gaze, unfolding inside mosques today?

Ed Husain takes his search for answers into the heart of Britain’s Muslim communities. Travelling the length and breadth of the country, Husain joins men and women in their prayers, conversations, meals, plans, pains, joys, triumphs and adversities. He tells their stories here in an open and honest account that brings the daily reality of British Muslim life sharply into focus – a struggle of identity and belonging, caught between tradition and modernity, East and West, revelation and reason.

ISBN: 9781526618658
Dimension: 9in X 6in
Pages: 352