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101 Dilemmas for the Armchair Scientist


101 Dilemmas for the Armchair Scientist

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Title: 101 Dilemmas for the Armchair Scientist
Publication date: 26/07/2017
Imprint: PENGUIN
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This fascinating foray into the world of science tackles some perplexing problems that even the brainiest of scientists can’t figure out. It presents you with 101 imaginative scenarios – from everyday life to the human body, and from the natural world to outer space – and provides the scientific reasons or theories behind why they are possible. Including: why an ant can survive in a microwave; why some people sneeze when they see bright light; and why it takes longer for a ball to come down than go up.

ISBN: 9780857625076
Dimension: 208mm X 155mm

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Dimensions 208 × 155 mm