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Steve Killelea – Peace in the Age of Chaos

10 December 2021 starting 6:30 pm

In conversation with Stuart Rees

Humanity has been studying peace since the 5th century, yet the world is less peaceful now than even 10 years ago. What has happened? Why is the world becoming more chaotic, not less? From the winner of the Luxembourg Peace Prize and founder of the world-renowned think tank, the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), comes a ground-breaking new look at the factors that create highly peaceful and resilient societies – and how we can sustain them at a time of unprecedented environmental, social, economic and technological change.

Through thought-provoking anecdotes and insights, Aussie entrepreneur and businessman, Steve Killelea AM, takes readers on his personal to journey to study, understand and measure peace. From establishing the world’s leading ranking of global peacefulness, the Global Peace Index, to working on aid programmes in some of the most violent places on earth, Steve presents a new way of understanding peace – one that is positive, practical and achievable.

 As Georg Kell, Founder and former Executive Director of the UN Global Compact has noted: “Peace in The Age of Chaos is a treasure chest for anybody trying find answers to some of the most important questions in our life. Trying to understand the meaning of peace and finding pathways forward is today more important than ever. I wish that all those who exercise power were to read this book and reflect on it. The world would be a better place and we would be able to solve problems rather than create them.”​

Join Steve in conversation with Emeritus Professor, human rights activist, author and founder of the Sydney Peace Foundation, Stuart Rees AM, as they unpack the pursuit of peace in the 21st century – and how, through Positive Peace, we can create an optimal environment for all human potential to flourish.

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Zoom Event – Steve Killelea – Peace in the Age of Chaos – Friday 10th December

Zoom links will be sent 24 hours ahead of the event.