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Kids Club with Rachel

Kids Club

Join us every Saturday for the Gleebooks Kids Club with Rachel!

We’ll eat popcorn, talk about books and sometimes invite the author/illustrator to join us too! It’s a free and fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Once you have been registered you’re also entitled to 10% off all kid’s books. Our book clubs run for an hour, and will be socially distanced with lots of hand sanitizer as per our COVID-Safe plan.

Each Saturday of the month will be for a different school year group (but all ages are welcome!):

1st Saturday: Primary Year 3-4
2nd Saturday: Primary Year 5-6
3rd Saturday: Secondary Year 7-8
4th Saturday: Secondary Year 9-10

And that’s not all! Rachel also hosts Rhyme Time every Monday at 10am – songs and rhymes best-suited for age two-and-under (though everyone is welcome) and Story Time every Friday at 10am (for ages 3-5).

Looking forward to seeing you all! For more information contact Rachel at

December News

Howdy gorgeous bookclubbers,

…And that is a wrap on book club for 2020!
A huge thank you to those who followed over from the original book club and more kisses and cuddles for those new faces we welcomed at Gleebooks this year. For what was a completely bonkers year, we still managed to chat to some awesome authors and illustrators and read some amazing books as well. Thank you so very much for your support. It meant even more than usual this year and we truly appreciate every single one of you!!!

We are taking a little break through December because things are a little crazy in the shop during the silly season, but we are still around for recommendations and a chat about books. We had a mixed response about whether to return in January, with some people taking advantage of open borders and keen to do a bit of travelling, and some keen to continue to meet up. We will have a few casual sessions for those still up for mischief in January with maybe a creative writing element to it for each age group. Official book club will return in February. For those kids moving up to the next level, I will leave it up to you guys to decide which session you would like to come to when book club starts up again. You are very welcome to come to both, so you can talk about the books you read over the holidays and to meet the kids in the new group.

Here are the books that the kids have chosen to read over the Christmas break..dates and times for next year will follow.

Our year 3/4 kids are reading the current children’s laureate Ursula Dubosarsky’s new book Pierre’s Not There. This book features a script as part of the story, so some of the kids were keen to get together in January to act out the play and we will perform it for Ursula when she joins us in February when the book club returns. I will look at the dates in January and send an email out towards the end of the month.

Our year 5/6 kids have 2 books to choose from, either We Are Wolves by Katrina Nannestad or Catch Me If I Fall by Barry Jonsberg.

Our year 7/8s have chosen a selection of 3 books to look at over the break. They can read either Erasure Initiative by Lili Wilkinson, Loop by Ben Oliver or Even If We Break by Marieke Nijkamp.

Our year 9/10 crew had a brilliant time with Harry Cook in November and following on from the conversations we had, we have chosen to look at ‘own stories’ over the break. This can be a book by anyone with a disability, person of colour etc writing from their own experience. It can be fiction or non-fiction but must be told from someone who has first hand experience of the subject matter. Looking forward to seeing what we can all bring to the group. We looked at a few different titles last Saturday but am also open to providing suggestions if you get stuck.

Thank you again for another fabulous year of bookish mischief and popcorn, and may the man in red slide a few extra books into your Santa sack this year.
Hohoho..Merry Christmas folks and boy do we need a Happy New Year!

Happy reading,
Rachel xxxxx