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We know everything about Hillary Rodham Clinton already don’t we? Well, I was pleasantly surprised at what a well-written and great page-turner this was! Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld had me captivated from the minute I started reading. Sittenfeld is well known for re-writing history and she doesn’t disappoint with this one. She had Hillary’s voice to a tee.
Valentine by Elizabeth Wetmore is a powerful book about women in a male dominated part of America and how they deal with it. It is about justice, survival, friendship and more. This book will make you angry, sad and proud. Outstanding.
Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers is a delightful read. Set in London in the 50s—Jean, a journalist with a local paper, is approached by Gretchen with a story that seems so mysterious, Jean simply has to investigate. I warmed to all the characters and really felt Jean’s longings and desires, and the story took me on twists and turns right to the end. – Victoria