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First Nations

A List of First Nations titles


Go Home, Cheeky Animals! Johanna Bell $25
Saved!!! Lydia Williams $20
My Culture and Me Gregg Dreise $25
Tell “Em! Katrina Germein $25
Family Aunty Fay Muir $25
Noorn Kim Scott $25
Willy-Willy Wagtail Helen Milroy $23
Cunning Crow Gregg Dreise $25
Backyard Birds Helen Milroy $20
Silly Birds Gregg Dreise $25
Rocky and Louie Phil Walleystack $25
Welcome to Country Aunty Joy Murphy $27
Shake a Leg Boori Monty Prior $25
Hello, Hello Children from Spinifex Writing Club $25
Brother Moon Maree McCarthy Yoelu $25
Wilam Aunty Joy Murphy $25
Lizard Gang Kirra Somerville $20
Dream Little One, Dream Sally Morgan $15
The Rainbow Serpent Dick Roughsey $15
I Open the Door Children from Spinifex Writing Club $25
Land of the Echidna People Percy Trezise $15
Kangaroo and Crocodile Bronwyn Bancroft $17
No Way Yirrikipayi! Alison Lester and children from $25
Remembering Lionsville Bronwyn Bancroft $17
Going to the Footie Debbie Coombes $20
Coming Home to Country Bronwyn Bancroft $25
Growing up at Uluru Stan Breeden $20
Maralinga Community members $35
Monster Party Alison Lester and Children from Rawa $18
Stradbroke Dreamtime Oodgeroo and Bronwyn Bancroft $30
Little Koala Lost Blaze Kwaymullina $16
Emus under the Bed Leann J Edwards $17
What’s That There Ros Moriarty $13
We are Going Crabbing with Dad! Paul Seden $18
Goanna was Hungry Children from Spinifex Writing Club $23
Do Not go around the Edges: Poems Daisy Utemorrah $17
Big Fella Rain Beryl Webber $18
Stolen Girl Trina Saffioti $20
Fair Skin Black Fella Renee Fogorty $17
My Country Ezekial Kwaymullina $17
Mum’s Elephant Maureen Jipyiliya Nampijinpa O’Keefe $18
When I was little, Like You Mary Malbunka $17
Tjarany Roughtail Gracie Greene $18
How Frogmouth Found her Home Ambelin Kwaymullina $17
Crow and the Waterhole Ambelin Kwaymullina $17
The Lost Girl Ambelin Kwaymullina $17
Colour Me Ezekiel Kwaymullina $17
We All Sleep Ezekiel Kwaymullina $17
ABC of Australian Animals Brownwyn Bancroft $15
Dingo in the Dark Sally Morgan $16
Mad Magpie Gregg Dreise $25
Patterns of Australia Bronwyn Bancroft $15
Sorry Day Coral Vass $18
Bubbay’s Desert Adventure Josie Wowolla Boyle $18
A Home for Bilby Joanne Crawford $19
Nyuntu Ninti Bob Randall $15
The Last Dance Sally Morgan $15
Cooee Mittigar Jasmine Seymour $25
Baby Business Jasmine Seymour $25
Our World Bardi Jaawi One Arm Point Remote Community School $30
Custodians of the Land Australian Geographic $25
The Eagle Inside Bronwyn Bancroft $17
123 of Australian Animals Bronwyn Bancroft $17


TC and the Curse of the Exploding Doll Dave Hartley $10
Yinti’s Desert Dog Pat Lowe $13
Yinti Desert Cowboy Pat Lowe $13
The Dog Emergency Sally Morgan $10

COVER IMAGE taken from Cooee Mittigar: A Story on Darug Songlines by Jasmine Seymour and Leanne Mulgo Watson