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Dully Turns 10!

Dully Turns 10!

Who can believe it? We opened at 4pm on Thursday, June 6th 2010. A gaggle of excited locals, friends and book industry people gathered on the footpath waiting for the doors to open. And what a swell party we had that night. So many of the people there, as well as many more of you, have become regular friends and customers. I am seeing teenagers finish high school who were 7 or 8 when we opened, children who have been coming to the shop since they were babies (and in-utero). You’ve shared your joys and your sorrows.

Much has changed in those 10 years. Our landlords Con and his mother Soula (oh, how I miss her Spanakopita) had the Last Drop Cafe next door and when they closed several years later, it became a Campos coffee shop. Lots of apartments have gone up, the light-rail opened (with no Greenway), shops closed and others opened in our little strip—we love The Larder, Urban Cachet and the fabulous butcher. In food, we now have a choice of Korean, Mexican, and Japanese as well as the naughty/delicious Kieran’s bakery.

While I have worked here the entire 10 years, other staff members have come and gone. I have been privileged to work with some great booksellers—Liesel established our fantastic children’s section and Mandy then improved on it. I’ve had Jodie (now teaching in a remote community in Cape York), and way too briefly Elissa, who’s gone back to work at the mother-ship in Glebe. Isabel has worked with me for nearly 7 years (but she’ll soon qualify as a lawyer), and the hilarious Tim has deserted us to be a firey. Not to forget the Saturday juniors—Jess, Geri and now Sofia. Also new are Uni students Eve and Dasha. Last but not least, is Chris Cyrill who has held the fort on Sunday and Monday for some years
And here we are, 10 years later, emerging bleary-eyed from this horrific pandemic. Needless to say, all the plans to celebrate this momentous birthday have been shelved. I wanted to have a party, which may yet happen towards the end of the year, and to do something big around the children’s book section—but that can stay under wraps until next year.
A special thank-you for supporting us through the last few months by ordering online, but nothing beats seeing you in person. It’s so good to be back. This Sydney village of Dulwich Hill, Marrickville and surrounds, is a wonderfully warm and well-read community and it’s a pleasure and honour to live and work here, and to serve you.

See you on D’Hill, Morgan