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Very Bad Men

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  • Very Bad Men 
    Title: Very Bad Men
    Author: DOLAN HARRY
    Format: PAPERBACK
    Publication date: 15/06/2012
    Imprint: EBURY PRESS
    Price: $19.95
    Publishing status: ACTIVE

    David Loogan is living in a small down with his detective girlfriend. He's settled into a quiet routine as editor of the crime magazine Gray Streets - until one day he finds a manuscript outside his door. It begins: "I killed Henry Kormoran." Anthony Lark has drawn up a list of names - Terry Dawtrey, Sutton Bell, Henry Kormoran. To his eyes, the names glow red on the page. They move. They breathe. The three men on the list have little in common except that seventeen years ago they were involved in a notorious robbery. And now Anthony Lark is hunting them down, and he won't stop until every one of them is dead.

    ISBN: 9780091933128
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