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Alienation: paperback

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  • Alienation: paperback 
    Title: Alienation: paperback
    Author: JAEGGI RAHEL
    Format: PAPERBACK
    Publication date: 15/08/2016
    Price: $49.95
    Publishing status: Active

    "Through a compelling combination of acute analysis and rich phenomenological description, Rahel Jaeggi brings alienation back to the center of political philosophy. She argues alienation concerns a failure to appropriate oneself in the right way, a problem with how one comes to be what one is, rather than an inability to realize some pregiven identity. Jaeggi is not only thoroughly learned in both the continental and analytic traditions. She does what is quite rare: she brings these traditions into a highly productive synthesis. A very impressive achievement. Daniel Brudney, University of Chicago
    "With this masterful reconstruction of the concept of alienation, Jaeggi opens fruitful new avenues for critical theory. She also claims her place as a powerful exponent of social philosophy and a thinker of the first rank. Her book is a tour de force of cogent argumentation and rich phenomenological description. Nancy Fraser, The New School
    "Alienation, the concept Hegel and Marx made so central to European political and social thought, has receded in importance in recent political philosophy. Like self-deception and weakness of will, it is extremely resistant to analysis even though it continues to be a major theme of modern life and accounts for the features of contemporary life. Jaeggi's great accomplishment is to provide the outlines of a new theory of an old term and thereby show its linkage to major ethical and political concerns. With this book, an entire tradition of political and social philosophy receives a new lease on life. Terry Pinkard, Georgetown University
    "Jaeggi's scholarship and writing in this book is excellent, and the resuscitation of the concept of alienation in critical social theory is a welcome event in the literature. Matthias Fritsch, Concordia University
    "Alienation is one of the most exciting books to have appeared on the German philosophical scene in the last decade. It not only rejuvenates a lagging discourse on the topic of alienation; it also shows how an account of subjectivity elaborated two centuries ago can be employed in the service of new philosophical insights. Frederick Neuhouser, Barnard College
    "This insightful and learned book will appeal to anyone interested in social philosophy. Library Journal
    "Rahel Jaeggi's Alienation is an important contribution to '“ and rejuvenation of '“ the philosophical literature on the phenomenon of alienation. Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
    "[A]n excellent representative of the work of a new generation of German philosophers who...seem well positioned to reanimate Western philosophy. Frederick Neuhouser, Review of Metaphysics

    ISBN: 9780231151993
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