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Under a Mackerel Sky

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  • Under a Mackerel Sky 
    Title: Under a Mackerel Sky
    Author: STEIN RICK
    Format: PAPERBACK
    Publication date: 01/10/2013
    Imprint: EBURY PRESS
    Price: $35.00
    Publishing status: Active

    This memoir should carry a warning: devoted fans of the chef, restaurateur and television presenter may be shocked to find out that he’s not always the benign character that we see on TV (fortunately, Chalky seems to have been the real thing). Here, Stein writes about his childhood in Oxfordshire and Cornwall, party fuelled adolescence and working holiday in Australia aged 19. We learn about his father, who suffered from bipolar disorder and killed himself when Stein was 17; about his time studying at Oxford; and about his disastrous first forays into business (running a mobile disco, a nightclub and hamburger restaurant). And we are told, of course, about his great and all-abiding love of Cornwall, where his restaurant empire is based.

    'All men should strive to learn before they die what they are running from and to, and why' Stein's formative years in the 50s were shaped by the Oxfordshire farm he was brought up on and his family's much loved holiday home in Cornwall. But ever-present were the black moods of his bi-polar father who saw too much of himself in the young boy. His father's suicide when Stein was 18 precipitated his escape for two years to Australia. Working in an abattoir and on the railways, he struggled to find his place in the world. But life began to change when, following his graduation from Oxford, he set up first a mobile disco called the Purple Tiger and then a nightclub in Padstow. Catering largely for tanked-up, aggressive fishermen, Stein had to acknowledge that the gap between his vision and reality was huge. After one fight too many, the police closed him down but a clerical error meant that their licence to serve food still stood. Success followed hopelessness, and his hugely impressive career as a restaurateur and entrepreneur was followed by those of broadcaster, food champion and writer.

    ISBN: 9780091957018
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