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Straight Jacket

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  • Straight Jacket 
    Title: Straight Jacket
    Author: DEANS ADRIAN
    Format: PAPERBACK
    Publication date: 07/08/2013
    Imprint: HIGH HORSE
    Price: $24.95
    Publishing status: Active

    Morgen Tanjenz is a nasty piece of work.?A successful corporate lawyer in Sydney,?he spends his out-of-office hours indulging?in ‘life sculpture’, a self-aggrandising and?all-too-often sadistic mission to reward the?virtuous, punish the ignorant and avenge?those who won’t avenge themselves (‘If God?is too indifferent, or too non-existent to take?care of his creation, then clearly it’s up to?Me’). Then there’s detective sergeant Peter?‘Blacksnake’ Fowler, who is on the hunt for?a serial killer. Working beside – and rapidly?developing a fixation on – detective Clair?Bowyer, Blacksnake is becoming frustrated?and suspicious about his lack of progress.?How their paths intersect, and why Morgen’s?colleague Don Affridge is behaving so?erratically, provides a storyline laced with?black humour, social satire and action.??

    'If God is too indifferent, or too non-existent to take care of His creation, then clearly it's up to Me.' Morgen Tanjenz is a lawyer with an overactive sense of justice. His mission in life is to reward the virtuous, punish the ignorant and avenge those who won't avenge themselves. His favourite pastime is 'life sculpture' - anonymously intervening in the lives of strangers to change their destiny in ways he thinks they deserve. But Morgen isn't the only one changing lives in the city. A serial killer is on the prowl and taunting the police in letters to the local rag. But, as the body count rises, Detective Sergeant Blacksnake Fowler can hardly focus on the job with so many distractions: his boss hates him, his deputy is trying to undermine him and the woman he loves is having an affair. In the cicada-throbbing heat of a Sydney summer, the threads of a strange story become entangled in a wild conclusion no one will see coming. 'a ripsnorter of a ride through the dark heart of the burbs...may just be Australia's answer to American Psycho.' Kirsten Krauth, just_a_girl 'Sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing, and always compelling...with a super-original premise and a one-of-a-kind protagonist'.
    Tony Wilson, Making News 'A disturbingly good read. Unnerving and darkly comic.' Stuart Quin, Ealing Studios Australia

    ISBN: 9780646906256
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