There has been an enormous amount of interest in the Aussie Nibbles and Aussie Bites series. These short chapter books are very popular with children both in Australia and overseas. Written by Australian authors, the Aussie Nibbles are for readers just beginning and the Aussie Bites have a wider range, from 7– 10 year olds. Aussie Chomps are longer again and a bit more difficult, for 8 – 12 year olds. 

Another similar series also with appealing illustrations and short chapters is Solos which has a text even simpler than the Aussie Nibbles. A new series called Mates has coloured illustrations, lively stories and an Australian feel and is about the reading level of Nibbles. All the series are great fun to read and give children confidence in their reading and in their ability to tackle chapter books.  Recommended by Kate Shepherd and Mandy Clarke

AUSSIE NIBBLES $12.95 or $12.99 each 

Amazing Fleadini by Christina Miesen 9780143305866 $12.95
Crusher Kevin by Penny Matthews 9780143305637 $12.95
Cubby House by Ursula Dubosarsky 9780143303800 $12.95 
Deep End by Ursula Dubosarsky 9780143305279 $12.95
Fast Grandma by Margaret Clark & Craig Smith 9780143305705 $12.95
Freda the Free-range Chook by David Metzenthen & Stephen Axelsen 9780143306870 $12.95
Hide That Horse! by David Metzenthen & Leigh Hobbs 9780143304494 $12.95
Jerry by Ursula Dubosarsky 9780143303022 $12.95
The Littlest Pirate and the Stinky Ship by Sherryl Clark 9780143306627 $12.99 
The Littlest Pirate and the Treasure Map by Sherryl Clark 9780143304517 $12.95
The Only Pony by David Metzenthen 9780143303114 $12.95
Pippa’s Perfect Picnic by Julie Nickerson 9780143307341 $12.99
Pippa’s Perfect Ponytail by Julie Nickerson 9780143304012 $12.99
Pippa The Perfect Flowergirl by Julie Nickerson 9780143305859 $12.99 
Sami’s Genies by Kathryn England 9780143303541 $12.95
Strange Little Monster and the Swamp Goblin by Sue Whiting 9780143306719 $12.95 
Where’s Sunday? by Jane Godwin 9780143304715 $12.95



My Best Book of Nibbles: 5 Great Stories for Girls pb 9780143306337 $19.99
The Girl Who Fell into a Book by Julia Lawrinson & Anne Spudvilas (ill)
The Magic Wand by Ursula Dubosarsky & Mitch Vane (ill)
When Anna Slept Over by Jane Godwin & Andrew McLean (ill) 
The Mermaid's Tail by Raewyn Caisley & Ann James (ill)
Party Time! by Janeen Brian & Beth Norling (ill)

My Big Book of Nibbles: 5 Great Stories for Boys pb 9780143307235 $19.99
Blast Off! By Margaret Clark & Tom Jellett (ill) 
The Littlest Pirate by Sherryl Clark & Tom Jellett (ill)
The Gorilla Suit by Victor Kelleher & Stephen Michael King (ill)
Roller-coaster by David Metzenthen & Peter Sheehan (ill)
Ruff & Tumble by Mary Small & Gus Gordon (ill)

The Becky Collection: 5 Favourite Nibbles by Ursula Dubosarsky & Mitch Vane (ill) pb 9780143307709 $19.99
The Cubby House
The Deep End
The Puppet Show
Fairy Bread
The Magic Wand

AUSSIE BITES $11.95 or $12.95 each

The Bugalugs Bum Thief by Tim Winton 9780143300847 $12.95
Chook Called Harry by Philip Gwynne 9780143303473 $12.95
Clever Cat’s Book Club by Kirsty Murray 9780143307228 $12.95 
Elephant Mountain by Janeen Brian 9780143303282 $12.95
Fete Escape by Christina Miesen 9780143304647 $12.95
Fool’s Gold by Margaret Clark 9780143304531 $12.95 
The Forever House by Sophie Laguna 9780143306979 $12.99 
The Great Stinkathon by Simon Mitchell & Gus Gordon 9780143307242 $12.95
Haggis McGregor and the Night of the Skull Moon by Jen Storer 9780143305248 $12.95
Kung Phew! by Simon Mitchell 9780143306368 $12.95 
Leeza Van Breeza’s Best Idea Ever by Christina Miesen 9780143305996 $12.95
Leeza Van Breeza’s Nail-Biting Idea by Christina Miesen 9780143303220 $12.95
The Lenski Kids and Dracula by Libby Hathorn 9780141311647 $12.95
The Lion Drummer by Gabrielle Wang 9780143303138 $12.95 
Moon Station by Rachel Flynn 9780143304524 $12.95
Mr Moonlight by Jane Carroll 9780143305552 $12.95
Norman Does Nothing by Jen Storer 9780143305941 $12.95
Rif and the Riddle by Sue Cason 9780143306375 $12.95
The Ruffs by Christina Miesen 9780143306726 $12.95
Save Our Sharks by David Metzenthen 9780143306405 $12.95 
Saving Moonbeam by Clark Sherryl & Anna Spudvilas 9780143303602 $12.95
Smarty Cat by Bruce Dawe 9780143302537 $11.95
Tomato Dynamite by Sharyn Eastaugh 9780143306962 $12.95 


Brilliant Bites for Boys: 4 Favourite Bites Just for Boys pb 9780143307808 $19.99 
Rattler's Place by Patricia Wrightson & David Cox (ill)
Sing Pepi, Sing by Jen Storer & Gus Gordon (ill)
The Day I Turned Ten by Jane Godwin & David Cox (ill)
The Parents are Revolting by Danny Katz & Mitch Vane (ill)

Great Bites for Girls: 4 Favourite Bites Just for Girls pb 9780143308294 $19.99
The Sugar-Gum Tree by Patricia Wrightson & David Cox (ill)
Serena & the Sea Serpent by Garth Nix & Stephen Michael King (ill)
Jessie & Mr Smith by Jane Godwin & Ann James (ill)
Big Bad Bunnies by Danny Katz & Mitch Vane (ill)

AUSSIE CHOMPS $12.95 each

68 Teeth by James Moloney 9780143301912
Best Ballgirl by Pat Flynn 9780143305743
Birdie in the Sky by Prue Mason 9780143305903
Captain Stella by Ruth Starke 9780143305156
Dog Stole My Brain by Mary Pershall & Katherine Horneshaw 9780143306283 
Driving the Fishy Frog by James Moloney 9780143306740 
Famous! by Julia Lawrinson 9780143304685
A Horse Called Darling by Delwyne Stephens 9780143304692
iHarry by Laurine Croasdale 9780143305750
Just One Wish by Sally Rippin 9780143304463
The Mobile Phone Detective by James Moloney 9780143304838
The Really Nearly Deadly Canoe Ride by David Metzenthen 9780143304548
The Really Really Epic Mini Bike Ride by David Metzenthen 9780143301219
Stella by the Sea by Ruth Starke 9780143300663
Stinky Ferret and the JJs by Candice Lemon-Scott 9780143303978
Swimming with Skeletons by Robert Greenberg 9780143304654
There’s Money in Toilets by Robert Greenberg 9780143303633

SOLOS $11.99 each

Cat Chocolate by Kate Darling 9781862913776 
Mary the Big Brown Spider by Lyn Lee 9781862915336 
Monster Fish by Colin Thiele 9781862913912 
Twin Trouble by Sally Rippin 9781862914254 
What a Goat by Narelle Oliver 9781862915305 


This is a series of short, very appealing stories for young readers by well-known Australian authors. Lively in both the text and the delightful colour illustrations by a variety of Australian illustrators. 

Aussie Dog by Eleanor Nilsson 9781862918689
Barnsey by Alayne Webster 9781862918214
Boy from Snowy River by Edwina Howard 9781862919976
Bush Holiday by Leonie Norrington 9781742990019
Buzz Off by Randa Abdel-Fattah 9781862918481
Captain Blunderbolt by Carol Ann Martin 9781862918238
Chook Shed Snake by Phil Cummings 9781862918115
Crikey by Jane Carroll 9781862918245
Crooked Mick by Dave Luckett 9781862918153
Hanging Out by Catherine Bateson 9781862918290
Heart of the Forest by Barry Jonsberg 9781862918139
How to Talk to a Frill Necked Lizard by James Moloney 9781862918146
Larrikin Lane by Kate Darling 9781862919891
Losers by Pauline Deeves 9781862918511
Thorpey by Ruth Starke 9781862918085
Wombat and the Grand Poohjam by Jackie French 9781862918092
Tomato Sauce, of Course by Moya Simmons 9781862918801
Ugg Boot War by Kylie Fornasier 9781862919990
You Turkeys by Michael Gerard Bauer 9781862918160