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Handa's Surprise

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  • Handa's Surprise 
    Title: Handa's Surprise
    Format: PAPERBACK
    Publication date: 18/08/1997
    Imprint: WALKER BOOKS
    Price: $17.00
    Publishing status: Active

    Handa’s Surprise, written and illustrated by Eileen Browne and published in 1994 by Walker Books, brings a taste of Africa to both children and parents. Bright, rich colours and ‘life-like’ character drawings pull us into the different and exciting world of an African village.

    Handa is a little girl who decides to visit her friend Akeyo, and bring her a basket of delicious fruit. As she walks along the dusty road, she wonders which fruit will be Akeyo’s favourite. On her way, some cheeky animals spy fruit in the basket and find different ways to take it! There’s a lovely surprise at the end that will delight children for many years. The story has appeal for younger children as they watch the way the animals find their favorite fruit. Older children enjoy the expressive language such as the sweet smelling guava and the creamy green avocado and the surprise ending!

    Handa’s Surprise is a joyous, colourful book journey. Revisiting the story several times encourages children to match animals to fruit, and remember which animal was first, second and so on. The story naturally incorporates opportunities for language development as children try to predict which fruit Akeyo will like. Classrooms can incorporate literacy take home bags with supporting resources and activities for parents to enjoy with their children. Matching card games, colourful masks and fun fruit recipes would all add and extend children’s learning and enjoyment of the story.
    As an educator, I‘ve found this story offers many wonderful opportunities to develop children’s artistic and creative abilities. Kids enjoy drawing, and discovering different textures, shapes and colours found in some of the more unusual fruits. Small drama productions have bring great delight to children as they retell the story and re-create the animals with wonderful masks and costumes and hand painted backdrops.
    The cultural aspect of the story gives children an insight into different ways people live and dress thereby giving them a glimpse into the world outside the one they live in. I love the way the story can’t help but encourage rich, oral language! I love the versatility of the story as it can be a wonderful ‘lap time’ story, just adult and child together enjoying the cheeky animals and the rich colours. It can be a story with a group of children focusing on different aspects, maybe the use of the colours, the different and diverse animals and the intriguing ending. It can be a whole group story with children taking small drama parts and re-enacting the story.
    Much to everyone’s delight in 2002, Eileen Browne wrote and illustrated a second book, incorporating Handa and Akeyo. Handa’s Hen sees the two friends looking for Handa’s hen, and making discoveries along the way. A wonderful set of stories to be kept and loved by children, parents and educators alike!

    ISBN: 9780744536348
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